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4 Reasons to Choose an Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program

by Camila Davidson

Substance abuse affects people of all ages—addiction doesn't discriminate. Some people falsely think that only illegal drugs are addicting, but people can become dependent on alcohol or prescription medication as well. If you have an addiction that you want to overcome, a substance abuse treatment program can give you the necessary tools. Here are four reasons to choose an intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program:

1. Receive focused, intensive care.

Intensive outpatient programs are more structured and rigorous than other types of counseling. Instead of seeing a counselor or attending a group meeting once a week, you will receive treatment every day for the length of your program. Many intensive outpatient programs last several weeks.

2. Avoid hospitalization.

Outpatient substance abuse treatment programs can allow you to avoid hospitalization. If your health is in a dangerous place due to your drug addiction, addiction treatment can help you beat your drug dependence. Getting help as soon as possible can help you avoid serious complications that could threaten your life and damage your body. Outpatient treatment is an alternative for anyone who wants to avoid the cost and commitment of residential care.

3. Continue working at your regular job.

Some people can't take time off from work. These people may lose their job if they take an extended leave of absence, or they may not be able to pay their rent. If you can't get away from work, an intensive outpatient treatment program can give you the help you need while making it possible for you to continue your job. You can think of this type of outpatient treatment as a second job. After you enlist in the program, you'll show up at the scheduled time every day to participate in the day's work.

4. Choose the times that work for you.

When you participate in an intensive outpatient program, you will be attending rehab classes and workshops for several hours each week. However, the program is somewhat flexible. You can choose the time slots that work best for you. Some people prefer to attend treatment in the morning to start their day productively. Other people must attend work or classes in the morning, so evening treatment may suit their schedule better. When you're able to customize your substance abuse treatment, you're more likely to stick with it.

Learn more about outpatient substance abuse treatment by contacting and comparing a few local clinics.