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Getting Dizzy Frequently? Get a Stress Test Done Now

by Camila Davidson

As people age, their heart health can worsen and cause a myriad of side effects that may require health treatment to properly manage. For example, dizziness is often an early warning sign of heart issues, one that might need a stress test to properly assess. 

Dizziness May Be a Heart Problem

People who suffer from occasional dizziness may simply be getting up and moving too quickly and causing their heart to race. However, others may be suffering from underlying heart-health issues that may remain persistent and cause devastating health concerns. For example, a person with high blood pressure combined with high cholesterol may get dizzy because their heart rates is too fast.

The scary thing about dizziness is that it can occur at many times and sometimes quite unexpectedly. As a result, a person may goes weeks without feeling dizzy but suddenly have a rush that makes it hard for them to stay on their feet. As a result, they may need to talk to their doctor about getting on a treadmill and taking a stress test. This step may save their life and keep their heart health strong.

How a Stress Test Can Help

When a person undergoes a stress test, they are typically placed in a controlled environment surrounded by many medical professionals. As a result, they shouldn't suffer from any adverse reactions because the test can be halted if they started to show signs of a problem. And during a test, a person is attached to various heart monitors while they walk on the treadmill. This ensures that any changes in heartbeat can be caught very quickly.

And if a person starts to feel dizzy during the test, doctors can use this information — including the heart rates and blood pressure — to figure out what might be to blame. Typically, people experiencing this type of dizziness need some type of heart health treatment, including ones that provide high-quality strength boosts to the muscles of the heart to ensure that nothing goes wrong with a person's health.

Just as importantly, these tests can also be tweaked and used to check for other types of heart problems that a person may experience. These often include issues as diverse as an increased risk for heart attack and stroke. And by using the stress test, it should be possible to manage this issue in a way that makes sense for a person and which helps add years to their life through prevention.

For more information about stress testing, contact a local clinic such as Alpert Zales & Castro Pediatric Cardiology.