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Helpful Treatment Options for Chronic Back Pain

by Camila Davidson

Having chronic back pain can cause a lot of frustration. Even the simplest tasks can become difficult when your back is hurting. Fortunately, there are plenty of treatments for this pain today. The following may be options worth exploring. 

Prescription Medication

If you're looking for fast-acting relief for chronic back pain, it's best that you schedule a visit with your primary care physician. They can prescribe you anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling and ultimately alleviate pain in a short amount of time.

Just make sure that if you pursue this option, you're extremely careful with how you take this medication. Follow your doctor's directions perfectly so that you can maximize this medication's effectiveness and also not put yourself in danger later on. If you're worried about any possible side effects, just talk with your doctor and they'll give you clarity.


Another effective way to alleviate back pain -- at least temporarily -- is to utilize injections. Cortisone, more especially, can be used to help you combat pain that has spread to other areas from your back.

These injections are easy to get and they're readily available. You'll just need to follow your doctor's directions after they've been administered so that you get the most out of them. It may even be necessary to go in for multiple cortisone shots to experience the best pain-relieving results. If you're okay with needles, then this is one of the more convenient ways to deal with back pain.

Professional Massage

If you're looking for a treatment that perhaps has longer-lasting results, then you might want to consider a professional massage. It can work deep within your muscles and joints where the pain may be stemming from in the back area. The professional massage therapist will implement effective techniques around particular areas on your back. 

After this session is over, you'll feel completely relaxed and may even have better mobility. Like cortisone injections, it may be necessary to go in for multiple massages to experience optimal results. There are a lot of different types of massages you can choose from as well, including hot stone and Swedish massages.

Back pain is one of the more stressful medical issues to deal with because it can impact so many aspects of your life. There are fortunately a lot of back pain treatment methods for back pain. You just need to find one that works perfectly for your pain levels and preferences.