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Wearing Your New Hearing Aids - Tips To Help You

by Camila Davidson

I​f hearing difficulties have started to emerge with old age, then it may be time to start thinking about investing in hearing aids. Fortunately, assistive devices work for most age-related hearing deficits. The aids do take some getting used to though, so keep reading to learn about some tips to help you get used to them.

Do Not Adjust The Volume

When you first start wearing your hearing aids, you may think that sounds seem too loud for you. However, this really has nothing to do with the way the volume is set on the aids. You have simply gotten used to your hearing deficit and the way that sounds have muffled over time. In other words, your brain has compensated for the lack of hearing stimuli.

Your perception of sound and its volume will adjust as you use your hearing aids. For this reason, you should leave the volume controls alone as you first start using your aids. Most hearing aids will now adjust the volume automatically in relation to your environment. And, the aids will be set with the correct volume level based on your hearing deficit. So, there is no reason to fear injury from sounds that may be too loud.

If you are struggling with volume and the way that the hearing aids are working for you, start off with shorter wear periods throughout the day. Wear the aids for a few hours at a time and increase their use by 15 minutes or more each day. 

Use Your Aids At Home First

To get used to the way your hearing aids work, you want to start using them at home first. Begin by sitting in your living room or kitchen and try to focus on the everyday sounds in your environment. For example, focus on a clock ticking, the heater running, or your dishwasher running. Walk through your house listening for these noises and get used to them again. 

Talk to yourself out loud or read a book to yourself to get used to hearing voices. Watch some television as well and think about listening to music or a book on tape. Some people find it useful to read the same book silently as they listen to the recording. This helps you to learn how to focus on speech a bit better. Continue practicing by talking to a member of your family and using the phone.

Speak with your audiologist to learn about other strategies to help you get used to your hearing aids. 

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