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4 Ways To Combat Bloating

by Camila Davidson

Bloating is when your stomach fills with air, which can make you feel constantly full. This can give you a constant feeling of discomfort and make each and every day feel painful. Bloat can occur for a number of reasons, but sometimes your daily routine, lifestyle, and diet may be to blame. There may be a few things you can do to try and combat your bloat. Read on for tips that may help you.

1. Limit Salt In Your Diet

Salt can make you bloat, as the salt will make you retain more and more water. Even after the water is gone, you may still feel the bloat in your stomach. Limit salt in your diet, using it only for cooking, and not sprinkling your food with it any longer. Try using powder seasonings instead of salt seasonings when cooking as well. You'll still get the flavor without the additional salt.

2. Limit Foods That Make You Gassy

Your bloat may be caused by the food that you are eating. If you eat a lot of foods that can cause gas, for instance, spicy foods or beans, you may feel more bloated. Consider the foods you eat and start writing down what you eat in a journal. This can help you narrow down which foods may be causing you to bloat more. Share this information with your physician, so you can both narrow down what foods you should be avoiding in your diet. 

3. Exercise

Exercising may be able to help you combat bloating. Take up walking, a sport, or even yoga. The benefits of exercise are astounding and can improve your overall health, and improve other things such as an improvement in blood flow, a decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol. It may also be able to help with bloat as well. Talk to your physician about starting an exercise plan of any kind and discuss what type of exercises may be beneficial to you and your health.

4. Limit Alcohol

Alcohol can be a cause of your bloat, and limiting the amount you consume may help you in the long run. If you consume a lot of alcohol, start drinking less alcoholic beverages each day. Alcohol can cause you to dehydrate or even retain water. Too much alcohol can also affect your liver and can also affect your stomach as well. Limit the amount of alcohol you are consuming.

If you have an issue with bloat, be sure to talk to your physician about this condition. If it is an ongoing issue, your physician will give you further testing to rule out any medical concerns.