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Take Care Of A Parent With Dementia? Benefits Of Putting Them In Adult Day Health Care

by Camila Davidson

If you take care of a parent that has dementia this can be very tiring and stressful. If you are needing help, then you should consider adult day health care. Below are some benefits of doing this, as well as what to look for in an adult day health care facility.

Benefits of Adult Day Health Care

There are many benefits of putting your parent in an adult day health care program. One of the main benefits is giving you time away. You are likely very tired if you stay with your parent full time. Not having enough sleep can make you depressed and affect the way you care for your parent.

Your parent will also benefit if you decide to put them in adult day health care. This is because the daycare will know how to help them.

Adult day health care will offer activities to keep your parent busy while they are there. What they choose will depend on how far your parent is into their disease. This will be beneficial for you as you will know your parent is being well taken care of.

What to Look for In Adult Day Health Care

You should visit a few adult day health care centers in your area. Ask them what they can offer your parent and how the center works. They should allow you to walk throughout the center so you can see for yourself how everyone is treated.

The adult day health care center should give nutritious food and drink during lunch and snacks. They should also offer different types of food so your parent will like something they offer.

Health services should also be offered. They should give your parent medication while they are there. Blood pressure should be taken if needed plus vision and hearing testing. Therapeutic services are also something the daycare should offer your parent. All of this will be beneficial for you because some of these services will prevent you from taking your parent to the doctor, such as for having their blood pressure checked.

They will also help with personal needs if your parent needs this, such as helping them with going to the bathroom, grooming, and waking. 

If your parent is in the beginning stages of their disease, take them with you to the adult day health care facility to see if they would like it. If your parent is in the later stages, then you should only visit the daycare.