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How To Find The Right Private Pilates Instructor For You

by Camila Davidson

Finding the right private pilates instructor is an important first step in learning pilates. You could choose to go to a pilates studio and take classes with several other students, but if you feel more comfortable with a private instructor, finding the right one for you is especially important to getting the right workout for you.

Here is some information on how to find the right private pilates instructor for you.

Read Their Websites And Check Credentials

Once you have narrowed down a list of private pilates instructors that interest you, read their websites carefully. There are many different reasons why you want to begin pilates from simple exercise to healing pain or rehab from an injury. When you check out the instructor's websites, look for their own story.

For example, did they get into pilates to rehab an injury or just out of interest? Are they interested in natural healing techniques or were they athletes or dancers who understand the nature of certain injuries and might have even worked to heal their own injuries? If you know more about their own experience it can help you choose the right instructor for your needs.

Also, check their credentials. Where did they train? How many hours of training did they receive? What credentials do they have? Do they have a Pilates Method Alliance certification? Check that they attend lectures or learn other teaching practices to keep their skills updated and sharp.

What Type Of Pilates Do They Teach?

There are a couple of different types of pilates. You will need to find out which type the private instructors you are interested in teaching before you sign up. You have the choice of either contemporary and classical. Classical pilates stays within the same realm as the original teachings of Joseph Pilates. This is a series of specific exercises done at a certain speed and order.

Contemporary pilates includes core strength exercises and even using exercises from other disciplines. It also uses the same equipment as classical pilates but also incorporates elements of physiotherapy and the use of other types of equipment.

Does The Instructor Adapt To Your Needs?

Some students take longer to adjust to new exercises than others, and some instructors might move too fast for them. This could be moving from the mat work to using equipment that you aren't ready for. Look for a private pilates instructor who will adapt to your needs. You don't want an instructor who moves onto new exercises or equipment before you are ready for them.