How Is Your Health?

Tips For People Who Have Anxiety About Seeing The Doctor

by Camila Davidson

Does visiting the doctor make you feel anxious? Maybe these feelings have come up after a bad or triggering experience, or perhaps you've always been a bit anxious about doctor's visits. In either case, you don't want to let that anxiety keep you from seeing the doctor. Here are some tips and advice to help manage your anxiety and make doctor's visits a less anxiety-riddled experience.

1. Schedule the appointment first thing in the morning

If your appointment is not until later in the day, your anxiety will have a chance to build and build. By the time you actually get to the doctor's office, you'll be overly anxious. On the other hand, if your appointment is first thing in the morning, you won't have as much time for worry to build, so you'll probably be calmer when your appointment does come around.

2. Have your vital signs taken at the end

Often, the idea of having your blood pressure and heart rate taken will make you worry about the results, which will make your blood pressure climb higher, which will make you even more worried. Plus, your doctor won't get very accurate results. It's, therefore, a good idea to ask your doctor to take your vitals at the end of the visit. You'll be focusing on other things by this point, so your readings should be more accurate.

3. Tell the doctor about your anxiety

After all, anxiety is a medical problem, and you are at the doctor's. If your doctor knows you are anxious, they will take their time and take steps to help you feel calm. They may also be able to recommend more treatments for your anxiety. Call the doctor's office before your appointment and let the receptionist know you're anxious about the appointment; they can pass the news on to your doctor.

4. Take a friend along

Is there a friend or family member who is good at keeping you calm? Take them with you to the appointment. They can chat with you and take your focus off the procedure at hand, and they can also make sure you don't miss any important information from the doctor due to your anxious feelings.

If you deal with anxiety when it comes to seeing the doctor, just take things one step at a time. Consider changing doctor's offices to see if that makes you a little calmer, too. Sometimes people thrive at a different office with a calmer environment or different staff.

For more tips, reach out to a doctor's office near you.