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What Options Do You Have When You Have Severe Periods?

by Camila Davidson

Severe periods aren't fun for anyone. They come with heavy bleeding and hard, painful cramps that can make it very hard to get through your day. If you have severe periods and don't know if a doctor can help you or what to expect if you do go in for help, then here's a helpful guide explaining what you can probably expect.


The first thing your doctor will do is listen to your complaints and then perform an examination. This examination is designed to determine if there's something abnormal going on in your pelvis, like the presence of a tumor. Your doctor will press down firmly on your pelvis to feel the individual reproductive organs and to see if anything feels out of place. If they do find something, they'll likely send you in for medical scans like an MRI to get more information. However, if nothing seems abnormal, then it's possible that you simply have heavier periods and need some help to regulate your cycle.

Birth Control

One potential solution to this problem is birth control. Birth control pills and IUDs are both very helpful in reducing the severity of period symptoms. However, in extreme cases, doctors can take it even one step further. Some doctors will prescribe birth control pills around the clock, meaning that you take it every single day instead of having a week off once a month. This will prevent you from having periods and will keep you from feeling that crushing pain and exhausting blood loss that you're accustomed to.

Weight Loss

Another possible option for you if you're carrying some extra weight is to lose some. Excess fat produces estrogen, which can throw periods out of whack and make them more painful. Losing even a little weight can help with your symptoms, so it's a good idea to make an effort.


Lastly, surgery is one possible option for you. Surgery is often implemented to remove abnormal growths like ovarian cysts and endometriosis, which can contribute to extreme periods. However, even if you don't have those problems, surgery can be utilized to perform a hysterectomy. This will mean you won't have any more periods and can live your life free of this pain. Of course, this is only done when other methods have failed to provide you with relief, but it is an available option.

You don't have to live with extreme periods. Visit a doctor's office for more information and a personal wellness check.