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A Look At How Donations Are Used To Benefit Pediatric Cancer Patients

by Camila Davidson

According to the American Childhood Cancer Organization, more than 15,000 children are diagnosed with some type of cancer every year. Also every year, many people donate funds to a child cancer charity, and these donations are perhaps some of the most important. If you have ever made a donation to one of these charities or you are considering it, you likely want to know how your funding actually helps children who have been diagnosed with cancer. Here is a look at some of the ways donation money is used when people donate money to a program for kids with cancer. 

Part of the funding will go to pediatric cancer research. 

A big part of funding reaped from donations to childhood cancer charities goes toward the latest pediatric cancer research efforts. Whether it is a clinical trial or some other form of research, this research gets very little funding help from the government, so the funds from private donators are used to help support the research efforts, organize new research programs, and work toward finding cures and potential treatment options for children who have been diagnosed with cancer. 

Some of the funding goes to help families of children with cancer. 

As can be imagined, having a child with cancer can be an incredibly tough thing for everyone in the family. Caregivers miss a lot of time off of work, which can lead to major financial struggles. Many of the families turn to charity programs to get assistance with things like funds to travel back and forth for treatments or simply funds to help cover the costs of meals or rent. On the same note, some of the funds are used to enhance the quality of life of the patients by providing them with games and activities, special gifts, or outings. 

portions of the funding will go to educating people about childhood cancer. 

Even though pediatric cancer is a big issue in most parts of the world, it is also something that a lot of people do not know a lot about. It is common for some of the funds gathered through donations to pay to help educate the public about childhood cancer, the research being done, and how parents can recognize signs and symptoms of certain types of cancer in their child. For example, funds may be used to create a commercial to educate parents about the different types of cancer children can have. 

To learn more, contact a child cancer donation program.