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How Real Ear Measurements Help Those Who Take Out Their Hearing Aids

by Camila Davidson

Hearing aids are often necessary for people with hearing loss to avoid social isolation and discomfort. However, many people remove these tools from their ears, which can only increase their alienation. This problem is one that often requires the use of real ear measurements to properly manage.

Some People Don't Wear Their Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are crucial for those with hearing loss because they help to make it easier to process a myriad of different unique sounds and experiences. However, many people who have hearing aids rarely wear them or take them out when they don't have company. This situation is less than ideal for a number of reasons. For example, they may miss an important sound without their hearing aid, such as a fire alarm somewhere in their home.

Or they may allow their hearing-related isolation to worsen and even become used to this situation. That's because many people with hearing loss have a hard time interacting with others and often stop trying to connect. This problem can lead to depression and other issues that can be hard to handle. So why do people take out their hearing aids? In most cases, they remove them because of hearing aid fit issues that real ear measurements could help manage.

How Real Ear Measurements Help

Real ear measurements are a relatively new concept in hearing aid technology that works to get as accurate of a reading of a person's ears as possible. Using this information, hearing aid manufacturers can craft aids that fit very easily and comfortably in a person's ear. This more comfortable fit helps to make them less noticeable and also provides other benefits to those wearing them.

For example, real ear measurements can minimize feedback, echoes, and other problems that may occur with a poorly-fit hearing aid. Instead, the hearing aid will produce a clear and natural sound that will provide an individual with a better understanding of their surroundings. As a result, they can interact with other people more easily and with less self-consciousness than they could before their ear measurements.

Thankfully, real ear measurements can be done at any time when a person gets fit for hearing aids. So if their current aids don't provide them with the help that they need, they can switch over to better ones by getting their ears properly measured. And most insurance companies should cover this often necessary procedure without complaint.