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The Incredible Value Of A Medical Scribe

by Camila Davidson

A medical scribe has so much to offer any medical practice. Medical scribe services are most often employed by medical professionals who are attempting to improve the efficiency of their office. Efficiency could mean that physicians see more patients in a day or that their charting is done more accurately. No matter what your goal is, a medical scribe can help. While some physicians think that they do not have space in the office to hire an additional person, medical scribes can do their job in a number of different ways, depending on how they will be of the best use to their employer. There are multiple reasons why your office could benefit from hiring a scribe. Read on.

Improve the Quality of Medical Records

Medical records are vital to any medical establishment. The information they contain could very well save lives — or disturb them if something has been charted incorrectly. Medical records are almost always used in malpractice lawsuits to prove whether or not a physician has done their due diligence. Hiring a medical scribe can allow physicians to say what they would like done and then leave the scribe to make it happen. When in a room with patients, everything the physician does or says will be promptly recorded, along with any legal disclaimers that should be added to the note. 

Ordering Medications

Some states permit medical scribes the ability to order medications with the permission of a physician. This is useful because the scribe can be in the room while a physician is talking with a patient and then order the medication and send it to the patient's pharmacy before they leave the office. Scribes can do all of this while physicians are face to face with patients, ensuring that they feel understood and heard. 

Writing Letters

Depending on what type of medical office you work in, you may have the responsibility to write a lot of letters for patients. For example, an obstetrician will need to fill out a lot of FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) paperwork for pregnant patients. Fortunately, scribes thrive on writing letters. 

In conclusion, most of the things that a medical scribe will do are specifically to lighten the load of the physician. Many offices that employ medical scribes report improved records along with an increase of the patients that a physician is able to see in a day. Save time and make more money with medical scribes. 

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