How Is Your Health?

How Immigration Medical Exams Help Those On Temporary Work Visas

by Camila Davidson

The benefits of a temporary working visa in America are often very helpful for people in countries that may not have jobs that meet their training. However, the risk of getting sick due to uncommon diseases that are common in America may threaten a person's well-being. As a result, it is essential to consider the benefits of an immigration medical exam

Working Visas Help Some Transition to Life in America

Many people come to America temporarily on legal working visas to make good money, experience a new culture, and help out their families. The abundance of jobs for temporary immigrants is quite high, which means that they shouldn't have a hard time finding something that works for them. However, this move can be a challenging one due to different disease prevalence in America.

For example, those on a visa may end up getting a type of flu in America that is not common in their home country. That disease can make them sicker than it may make others, which may make it hard for them to get to work and could even threaten their visa if they are fired. Therefore, it is essential to talk to an immigration medical exam professional before making work and visa plans.

Why an Immigration Medical Exam is Critical

Those who plan on coming to America on a temporary working visa should still schedule an immigration medical examination. These exams require a person to bring their passport, their vaccination records, and a list of medications that they take. All of this data is crucial because it helps make the process of doing the physical smoother and easier to handle.

A typical physical often includes a translator, if necessary, for those who don't understand a lot of English. And it also checks for diseases that may be common in a person's country but not so common in America. The idea behind this step is to make sure that problematic conditions don't spread and potentially cause a pandemic that may affect many people in many ways.

And these checks also help a person to get various types of vaccinations to ensure that they don't bring any diseases back to their country. For example, mumps, measles, flu, hepatitis, and rotavirus — among many others — are all possible vaccinations during this type of physical. As a result, those who plan on working in the country can feel comfortable with this life change.