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How The Mckenzie Method Of Physical Therapy Aids With Back Pain

by Camila Davidson

Constant pain and soreness will interrupt daily life. Back, shoulders, neck, arm, or leg pain can make lifting, bending, and even walking a painful routine. In some cases, low back or shoulder pain may worsen and become more rampant. One way to handle pain and prevent further injury is through working with an accredited McKenzie method therapist to add physical therapy to your pain management plan.

What Is The McKenzie Method of Physical Therapy? 

The McKenzie Approach is also regarded as the Mechanical Treatment and Rehabilitation Method and is a technique of open patient engagement and awareness used for spine, neck, and other appendage disorders by physicians and patients worldwide. Its first evaluation element is the critical difference — it provides a safe and secure way of getting a treatment right and then only providing the proper treatment plan. Accredited McKenzie doctors have an indicator at once to see if, and how, the method works for each situation. Seldom are time and resources spent on costly studies.


Throughout the McKenzie method, a detailed background and motion examination aims to define specific pain response behaviors: reproducible, unbiased, accurate, and represent the relevant pain source characteristics. Regardless of whether the discomfort is severe or persistent, if centralization takes place through this systematic, crucial, step-by-step evaluation process, positive results are helpful, through reducing the need for costly or surgical procedures.

Why Does McKenzie Work? 

McKenzie-accredited practitioners are strong fans of proper body mechanics. There's often a way of tracking that an injury occurred when patients go into the clinic with physical discomfort. The McKenzie method can motivate patients to get back to painless lives. If you activate a current injury or overdo it by working in the house or elsewhere, even patients that have long been coming in because of mechanical spinal problems may leave the clinic straight away after an afternoon of receiving McKenzie method treatments.

The McKenzie approach has a vital role in treating and controlling low back pain and other disorders. It also can group patients accurately into paths based on different care and life-management purposes. The solution is fairly simple and direct. Take the first step in managing pain by talking with your doctor or physical therapist about adding the McKenzie Method as part of your treatment plan. 

For more information on the McKenzie method and on physical therapy treatments, contact a company like Hands-On Physical Therapy in your area.