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Pros And Cons Of Low Testosterone Treatments

by Camila Davidson

Low testosterone affects millions of men throughout America. While some men who have low testosterone hardly notice, others are greatly impacted by its effect on their lives. For example, a man who is at the high end of low testosterone could still have several children, though it may take a little longer for his significant other to get pregnant. This man would probably not seek out treatments or even know that he has low testosterone. However, a man who has severely low testosterone could suffer from many symptoms that could make infertility a big issue. If you are someone who suffers from low testosterone, know that there are ways to treat this challenging condition. There are many different low testosterone treatment methods available. Each method has its own pros and cons, which you should take into consideration before making your decision.


Injections have the benefit of a once-weekly remedy to low T that is quick and only causes slight discomfort. However, one challenge associated with injections (besides the fact that some people do not like needles) is manifest in how testosterone levels spread throughout the week. The first few days following injections people usually feel great with a strong level of testosterone, but as the week goes on these levels fade. You should make sure that if you enjoy a date night or intimate time with your partner on the weekends that you plan your injections accordingly.


Pellets are small, dissolvable tablets that carry quite a bit of testosterone into your body. They are injected somewhere on your trunk where they will remain for several months, supplying you with all of the testosterone you need. Once they are depleted of their store they dissolve completely, and then a new pellet is implanted. Many men choose this method since it can work for up to 6 months at a time, while others do not handle the implantation process well.


Gels containing testosterone can be applied to the body daily in order to pump up T levels. This is entirely pain-free and easy to do. However, you really must pay attention to thoroughly wash your hands afterward or you could inadvertently dose someone else with a boost of testosterone.

In conclusion, treating your low testosterone levels is possible, and careful consideration should be given to determine which method is right for you. Talk to your doctor for more information on each method and some other options that are available.

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