How Is Your Health?

Should You Go to a Walk-In Clinic During a Pandemic?

by Camila Davidson

Outside your home, a pandemic is sweeping the nation. People are getting sick by the thousands, and you have likely been staying at home to avoid social interaction because of it. Unfortunately, amid all this, you get sick. It's not the illness that everyone else is contracting from the pandemic, but just the same, you need medical attention. For many people, this will bring up the logical question: Should you go to a walk-in clinic to get medical help during a pandemic? Here are a few things to consider before you don a mask and gloves and venture out to visit a walk-in medical clinic for help. 

Check out what procedures are being followed at the clinic first. 

Go to the medical clinic's website and see if they have information posted for prospective patients. Most health-related centers that people rely on will post information online to let prospects know if they are still accepting walk-ins, if you need to call ahead, or whether they are offering tele-treatment remotely via webcam or Skype. If there is nothing on the website, give the clinic a call, and talk to someone who can give you guidance about your situation. 

Make sure your illness is something that must be treated. 

Being sick is no fun for anyone, but there are some illnesses that will subside on their own. During a pandemic, it is always best if you only venture out to a place for medical treatment if it is absolutely necessary that you do so. Some viral conditions have to run their course and the only thing you can really do is take medications to curb your symptoms. For example, something like a stomach virus typically requires hydrating well and possibly taking something for nausea, which can be purchased over the counter. 

Take extra precautions while you are out and at the clinic. 

After checking out what the walk-in clinic is offering during the pandemic, reviewing their guidelines, and determining if you really need to seek medical attention, if you do decide to go, take extra precautions. Since you are sick already, your immune system may already be working really hard, so it may be more of a chance for you to catch other illnesses. Keep your distance from others at the clinic, and ask if you can stay seated in your vehicle until someone can see you so you don't have to touch anything.