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What Can You Do To Help Your Teen Through Addiction Recovery?

by Camila Davidson

Having a teen struggle with drug addiction can be heartbreaking. They're so young, and watching them wrestle with something so big can make you feel helpless. But there is actually a lot you can do as a parent to help your teen navigate this challenging time. Enrolling them in a drug rehab program is an important first step — and then you'll need to support them through that therapy in the following ways.

Give them a say in the type of therapy they receive.

If your teen is unwilling to seek treatment, you may simply need to find the nearest program and enroll them. But on the other hand, if they are more open to treatment and willing to talk about it, you should really give them some say in which program they enroll in and what kind of therapy they receive. Let them visit a few different programs and choose the one where they're most comfortable.

Also, talk with them about the different type of therapy offered — like CBT and talk therapy — and give them some control over which they participate in. Your teen is more likely to take treatment seriously if it feel like a choice, and if they are receiving that treatment somewhere they feel comfortable.

Be there for family therapy and activities.

Many addiction treatment programs will have family therapy sessions and also activities you can attend with the patient — especially when the patient is a teen. Make yourself available for these activities, and treat them as a priority. Not only will your teen feel more supported by your presence, but you'll learn a lot about how to deal with their addiction at home and how to be there for them emotionally. Recovery is a family affair, so treat it like one.

Continue to seek guidance after rehab is over.

Once your teen's rehabilitation program is over, you need to keep them in some level of therapy or care. Their outpatient program may recommend monthly or weekly meetings with a therapist even after the primary program is over. Or you can enroll your child in a support group for teens who have struggled from and overcome addiction. This ongoing treatment is essential to help them avoid backsliding and relapsing.

When your teen struggles with drug addiction, outpatient rehab programs are very helpful. Just make sure you let your teen help choose the program, that you're there for them, and that you keep them in some level of therapy long after the main program concludes. 

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