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Treating A Scrape Wound: What You Need To Do

by Camila Davidson

Wounds such as scrapes that occur after falling off of your bike, scooter or skateboard can be painful. These wounds may not seem severe enough to take yourself or your child to the emergency room, but they may need to be looked at by a physician, which is why urgent care can be helpful. You can go into the urgent care clinic to have the wound looked at and treated as needed. If you do have a scrape wound and aren't sure what to do to clean it or to treat it, read on for helpful information.

Clean The Wound

Clean the wound with a squirt bottle and water. This will help get rid of small pieces of gravel or asphalt that may be in the wound. Using water will help move the small pieces without hurting at all. Don't attempt to rub the wound with a washcloth or with your bare hand, as you will cause more harm or pain. If you don't have a squirt bottle, try soaking the wound, or use running water over the wound and allow the water to move the small pieces in the wound. Once the wound is clean, you can inspect it further.

Inspect The Wound

Take a look at the wound, if you have a clear view, you can see if you need stitches or more treatment than a simple bandage. If the wound appears deep, or you have other concerns about the wound, go to urgent care for help. 

Treat The Wound

If you don't think stitches are necessary, and don't think further treatment is necessary, such as if the wound is a very minor scrape, clean the wound further with peroxide, which may burn at first. Use a cotton ball to apply the peroxide and dab it on the wound to get into the wound. Then cover the wound with a topical antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin. Place a bandage over the wound to keep it clean. Allow the wound to dry out at night to prevent infection, but keep it covered during the day. Replace your bandage often and keep it clean.

If you have a minor scrape, or your child has a minor scrape, you may be able to treat it at home, but if you think it's more than just a minor injury, go to an urgent care clinic like West Ocean City Injury & Illness Center for help cleaning and treating the wound and for any other necessary medical treatment such as stitches.