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It's Time For The Talk: Why You Should Discuss Medical Cannabis With Your Aging Parents

by Camila Davidson

If you have aging parents, it's time to talk to them about medical cannabis. Your parents might not realize that medical cannabis is available to them. Medical cannabis can help your parents. That's because it provides relief from many ailments associated with old age. Here are five of the reasons you should talk to your parents about medical cannabis use. 

It's Less Expensive

If your parents are taking a variety of medications, they may worry about the cost. Their prescription costs may be through the roof. Health insurance doesn't cover the full cost of all prescription medications. Unfortunately, high prescription costs can eat away at your parents monthly budget. That's where medical cannabis comes into the picture. Worse, your parents may not be taking their medications as prescribed. Many elderly people skip doses to extend their prescriptions. If your parents are struggling with prescription costs, medical cannabis can help. 

It's Non-Addictive

If your parents take pain medication on a regular basis, you may worry about addiction. Opioid addiction is a big problem in the United States. Unfortunately, it can affect the elderly as well. You may worry that your parents will suffer without their medication. Luckily, that's not the case. Medical cannabis can provide your parents with the pain relief they need.  Plus, you won't have the addiction worries. That's because medical cannabis is non-addictive. 

It's Multi-Purpose

If your parents suffer from a variety of ailments, medical cannabis can help. One of the benefits associated with medical cannabis use is that it's multi-purpose. That means your parents can use it for a variety of ailments. Some of those ailments include insomnia and loss of appetite. This combines with the pain relief benefits they'll receive from medical cannabis. 

It's All-Natural

If your parents try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, medical cannabis can help. They might worry about the chemicals that prescription medications contain. If they choose to add medical cannabis to their healthcare routine, they won't need to worry about the chemicals. That's because medical cannabis is all-natural. 

It's Supportive

If your parents have medications that they need to take, medical cannabis can help. As your parents age, there may be essential medications they'll need to take. Medical cannabis can be used as a support for those medications. If your parents add medical cannabis, have them talk to their primary care physician because medical cannabis may interact with some prescription medications.