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How Breast Augmentation Helps Small-Breasted Women in a Family With Large Breasts

by Camila Davidson

Breast size is typically influenced mostly by genetic factors, though there are many other elements that may affect how large a woman's breasts get. For example, poor dietary choices during preteen and teen years may leave a woman with small breasts in a family that mostly has large ones. As a result, she may need breast augmentation to correct this problem and avoid emotional troubles.

Small Breasts May Have Underlying Causes

Women who grow into adulthood and develop tiny breasts may feel very upset by this development. This situation is particularly difficult if they grow up in a family with women who have healthy or even large breasts. They may wonder why they have been affected in this way. Unfortunately, there are many factors outside of genetics that may trigger small breasts, many of which can be quite surprising. For example, if that woman ate a fairly poor diet as a young person – including low vitamin consumption – there's a good chance that she sabotaged her breast development. That's because the low level of vitamins and minerals forced her body to develop other more important areas of the body, leaving her breasts small. The self-esteem issues that this triggers can be staggering and may last until late in life. Thankfully, breast augmentation can help this woman recover.

Ways Breast Augmentation May Help

Once a woman has reached adulthood, changing her diet to include better vitamins and minerals may help her breasts to grow a little but is likely going to be limited in effectiveness. As a result, surgery may be necessary. Breast augmentation is not just a way to enhance the size of a woman's chest but a way to help manage lifelong self-esteem issues and help a woman feel better about herself. For example, she can create breasts that are as large as her frame would suggest, as larger-bodied women with smaller breasts may feel very self-conscious. And she can also create breasts that are congruent with those possessed by others in her family. In this way, she won't feel so out of place and can walk among them with confidence and strength, no longer the butt of their jokes. 

And if this woman has a developing young daughter who is already developing large breasts, getting augmentation can help that daughter to feel more confident and less confused about her development, making it easier for her and her mother to bond.