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Is A Lap Band Right For Me?

by Camila Davidson

If you are in the middle of fighting the weight loss battle, chances are you have tried many different methods in order to get off the weight. There are diet pills, diet plans, and a plethora of different surgeries you could undergo in order to get your dream body. It should be known that some surgeries are more dangerous than others. For example, gastric bypass surgery is removing a sizeable portion of your stomach, which could leave you vulnerable for infection. A lap band is a safer surgical method.

A lap band is an adjustable circle, usually made of silicone. The primary purpose of a lap band is to constrict the upper portion of the stomach, limiting the amount of food that your stomach can hold, and causing you to be full sooner rather than later. There are many reasons why you could be a good candidate for a lap band, including but not limited to:

You Have Tried Other Methods

A lap band is not for someone who just doesn't like to work out. In fact, most physicians will require you to keep a strict diet and workout regimen before, after, and during the time that you get a lap band. This surgery is not the easy way out — it is a tool that people use to get going down the path a little faster. 

You Do Not Have Substance Issues

Substance abuse problems can make losing and keeping weight off very difficult. This is sometimes associated with emotional problems that need to be addressed. For example, if someone gets a lap band but then has a lot of anxiety, they may overcompensate for their discomfort after the surgery by using drugs or alcohol. Alcohol is extremely fattening, and it could undermine the entire surgery. 

You Are Otherwise Healthy

You must be healthy and have no underlying medical issues if you are going to get a lap band. For example, you cannot have cancer, heart disease, or other issues, as your body may not be strong enough to compensate for the stress of surgery. Make sure that your doctor thinks you are suitable for surgery. 

In conclusion, a lap band could ultimately save your life. If you are able to get one, you will likely begin to lose weight almost immediately after surgery. As with most weight loss surgeries, a strict diet must be kept thereafter, though, on the other hand, you can get back to really living your life.

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