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Don't Postpone Your Medical Appointments: How To Ensure Your Safety During COVID-19

by Camila Davidson

If COVID-19 has you worried about medical care, you're not alone. Many people are worried about doctors' visits right now. But, it's important that you continue with your medical care. Medical staff members go above and beyond to ensure their clinics are safe and sanitary for their patients. Here are four tips that will help keep you healthy and safe. 

Don't Postpone Physicals

If you have physicals that are coming due right now, don't postpone them. Preventative medical care is essential to your health. This is especially true for things like vaccinations, mammograms and prostate exams. Those medical procedures shouldn't be postponed. If you're concerned, talk to the staff at your medical clinic. They can let you know about all the steps they're taking to keep you safe during your appointment. 

Keep Your Doctor Informed

If you need to see the doctor right now, make sure you keep them informed. They need to know as much about your appointment as possible. If you're going in for a routine exam, give the staff that information when you make the appointment. If you're experiencing symptoms of any type of sickness, give them that information as well. They'll need to take extra precautions when you come in for your appointment. Also, if you develop symptoms after you make your appointment, call and discuss that with the clinic staff immediately. Don't go in for your appointment without letting the staff know about your symptoms first. You could be spreading something to the other patients. 

Avoid Extended Wait Time

If you have an appointment to see your doctor, try to reduce your wait time. In the past, you may have shown up early and sat in the waiting room. That's something you want to avoid right now. Instead, show up as close to your appointment time as possible. That way, you reduce the amount of time you're in the waiting room with other patients. If you do show up early, call the office from your car and let them know you've arrived. 

Take Safety Precautions

Finally, if you're scheduled for an appointment at a medical clinic, take your own safety precautions when you go. Make sure you wear a mask and medical gloves to your appointment. Those safety precautions will protect you and those around you. Be sure to throw the gloves away when you leave the office. Also, wash your mask as soon as you get home, or throw it away if it's not washable.

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