How Is Your Health?

Take Care Of Your Mind And Body During Your Recovery

by Camila Davidson

The physical effects of substance abuse may have a bearing on how much stamina you have. The extra weight that you have gained while actively drinking beer and other beverages laden with carbohydrates may be unflattering to your physique or triggering you to turn toward alcohol for comfort. Alcohol inpatient or outpatient services may include meal preparation and fitness classes, which will aid in returning to a healthy lifestyle.

Implement Life Skills Into Your Recovery

When you were enduring a constant cycle of drinking and binging on unhealthy foods, you may have been mentally consumed with attaining the 'perfect'' high and your grooming or diet needs were probably overlooked. If you take a closer look at what your daily schedule entailed, you can probably remember numerous occasions in which you failed to cook a homemade dinner or exercise. When people feel good about their appearance and their bodies are receiving adequate nutrition, they are often motivated to continue with a healthier way of living.

A treatment program may introduce life skills, which will replace negative behaviors with ones that are beneficial to a person's physical and mental well-being. Learning about various nutrients and food sources that provide what your body needs, preparing a grocery list, creating a meal for the other enrollees of a program, or participating in a fitness course may be options that you can choose to include in your individualized treatment plan.

Treat Yourself Well

You may have feelings of guilt that you address during step meetings or personal interactions with your counselor or sponsor. It is imperative that you forgive yourself for what has occurred in the past and focus on becoming a better person who is conscious of their life choices. If you treat yourself well during the recovery process, you may be less likely to relapse and will be able to maintain a positive self-image.

If you have neglected your hair and makeup applications or if you haven't bought any new clothing in a while, treat yourself to a pampering session and stop by a local mall or one of your favorite boutiques, to pick up a new outfit that is flattering to your figure. If you do not have the money to invest in a makeover or new clothing, maybe you could perform an 'at home' pampering session or can learn to sew clothing or make modifications to an outfit that you own.