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What Are The Benefits Of Using Compound Medications For Your Pet?

by Camila Davidson

Some pet owners have such a bond with their pets, that their pets seem almost like their own children. When a pet becomes ill, it can be very scary. Just like humans, pets often need medications to help them get better or to help keep certain health conditions under control. Depending on the weight, age, and condition of a pet, it may require a bit of trial and error to find the exact medication that will improve its health.

Fortunately, pet owners have the choice of getting compounded pet medications from a compound pet pharmacy to treat their pets. These are some of the benefits of using compound medications for your pet. 

Format Varieties

It is not uncommon for some pets to be very difficult to give oral medications too. However, some medications can be made into a gel formula that can be applied to an area of skin with little hair, such as behind the ears. The medication can be absorbed through the skin so the pet still receives the needed treatment. 

Compound medications can also be made into tasty treats in the pet's favorite flavor. This makes giving medication much easier for the owner and enjoyable for the pet as well. For instance, if the pet loves the flavor of chicken, treats can be made with a delicious chicken flavor that masks any flavor of the medicine.

Customized Medications

Compound pharmacies can create medications that are more suitable for each individual pet. Some medications that are no longer on the market may still be the best choice for treating a specific illness. While a vet may not have this medication readily available, the compound animal pharmacist can blend the ingredients to create the medication a pet needs to be treated with.

If certain ingredients in medication might have negative effects on a pre-existing condition a pet has, the compound pharmacist can make the medication and omit the ingredients that could be harmful. For example, if a pet has diabetes his medication could be customized without sugar or other sweetening ingredients that might increase his glucose levels.

Dosage Customization

Just like human medication, medicine for pets is often available in only a few different standard dosages. If a pet is particularly large or especially small, there may not be a dosage available that is best suited for the animal's size. A compound animal pharmacist can easily blend the proper amounts of ingredients to create the exact dosage for pets of all sizes.

Compound pet medications are used to treat a wide variety of pet health conditions such as allergies, intestinal disorders, seizures, skin disorders, urinary infections, and many more. The peace of mind a pet owner gains knowing the medication is customized for his pet's specific needs is also an added benefit.