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Has Your Teen Been Diagnosed With Scoliosis? 4 Ways To Help Them Adjust To Their Diagnosis

by Camila Davidson

If your teen has been diagnosed with scoliosis, you may have a lot of questions. It's important to remember that your teen will have questions too. As their parent, it's up to you to provide the guidance and assurances your teen will need to help them cope with this diagnosis. It's also up to you to help your teen make adjustments to their educational and social activities. Here are four steps you can take that will help your teen adjust to life with scoliosis. 

Educate Yourself

Now that your teen has been diagnosed with scoliosis, it's time to educate yourself. This is especially important if you're not familiar with the medical condition. The more you educate yourself about the condition, the better equipped you'll be to answer any questions your teen might have. Also, the more research you do about the condition, the better equipped you'll be to discuss treatment options with the medical specialists. 

Advocate for Your Teen

If your teen has been diagnosed with scoliosis, it's time for you to become their advocate. Your teen will have a team of medical specialists working together to create the best treatment plan. As your teens advocate, it's up to you to voice any concerns you have about those plans. It's also up to you to be a voice for your teen, especially if they're not ready to be vocal yet. If your teen sees you speaking up for them, they'll be more likely to speak up as well. 

Go Beyond Physical Care

If your teen is having a hard time coping with their diagnosis, go beyond the physical care. Of course, your teen will need medical care for their scoliosis. But, they may also require help with their emotional needs as well. This is especially true if the scoliosis diagnosis will prevent your teen from participating in activities they enjoy. They may also be worried about treatment, especially if surgery is required. Counseling and participation in support groups can help your teen deal with the emotions they're experiencing. 

Find Ways to Get Involved

Finally, if your teen has recently been diagnosed with scoliosis, find ways to get involved. One way is to join a yoga class with your teen. Yoga can be quite beneficial for teens who have been diagnosed with scoliosis. Yoga classes will help to alleviate some of the discomfort your teen may experience as a result of scoliosis. It will also provide a meaningful way for you to show support and encouragement.

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