How Is Your Health?

Working With A Neurology Specialist To Treat Your Condition

by Camila Davidson

A person's brain can be one of the most complicated and important organs that they have. Unfortunately, health problems that impact the brain can be a fairly common medical issue, and patients that are suffering from a neurological disorder may need to work with a specialist in order to treat or manage their condition.

Will A Neurology Specialist Always Resort To Surgery?

There is an assumption from some people that neurology specialists will almost always defer to surgery as a treatment option for their patients. While there are many neurological disorders that may be benefited by surgery, this will not always be the case. In fact, most neurology specialists will first attempt to rule out or avoid the need for surgery for the patient. This can be through the use of home-based exercises, medications, and therapies that can be effective at limiting the progress of chronic neurological conditions. When patients first start receiving treatments from these professionals, they may need to undergo extensive diagnostic procedures that may seem unnecessary, but they can yield invaluable information for the neurologist that is providing treatment.

Do You Need A Referral To Be Treated By A Neurology Specialist?

One assumption that people will have about receiving treatment from a neurology specialist is the belief that these individuals will only treat individuals that have been referred to them. Generally, this will depend on the number of patients that the neurology specialists must treat because busier clinics and specialists may have to be more restrictive in the patients that they are able to see. For those who find a neurology specialist that is able to accept them without a referral, it can still be necessary to check with the insurance company as many types of coverage will require a referral for treatment from specialists.

Do Neurology Specialists Only Treat Emergencies?

Another common belief that people may have concerning getting care from a neurology specialist will be the assumption that these professionals only treat individuals that are facing a neurological emergency or other life-threatening conditions. In reality, there are many neurological disorders that have severely reduce a person's quality of life without necessarily leading to mortal danger. One example of this can be chronic headaches. Individuals that experience migraines, tension, or cluster headaches can often find that their life is brought to a grinding halt when they experience these symptoms. For these patients, working closely with a neurology specialist can be an essential step in understanding the causes of their headaches, assessing the risk they pose, and devising a treatment approach that will be as effective and safe as possible.