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Adult Problems Speech Therapists Can Help Address

by Camila Davidson

Speech therapy is often seen as a treatment for children, and indeed, it can be very helpful for kids who are struggling to learn to speak clearly and accurately. However, speech therapists also work with adults, and there are a surprising number of adults who could benefit from the practices these therapists use. Below, you will discover some of the issues that speech therapists typically address in adults.


Even if you do not suffer from major stuttering all the time, if you find yourself sometimes stammering to get words out, a speech therapist can help with this. They can teach you tactics to help get speech rolling off your tongue faster. They can also teach you which words to avoid (because they tend to prompt stuttering), and they can work on your self-confidence, which will help reduce stuttering. All of this work can help you be taken more seriously in professional settings and can make you feel more comfortable speaking in social settings too.

Poor Articulation

Especially if you did not have the benefit of speech therapy as a child, there may be some sounds you still struggle to make properly. For instance, do you struggle to make the "r" sound? A speech therapist will analyze your articulation, figure out exactly what sounds you're making incorrectly and why your speech is a bit unclear, and then work with you to articulate more clearly. They can show you where to place your tongue when making certain sounds and also give you words to practice saying.

Accent Changes

Do you have an accent that you would rather do away with? Maybe you grew up in the south and still have a southern accent but would like to be able to speak with a more neutral accent because you work as a reporter or speaker. While there are language coaches who can help with this, speech therapists also offer this service quite regularly. By taking the speech therapy approach, you can physically learn how to change the position of your mouth, tongue, and lips to get rid of your old accent and speak with a different one. The change can happen within weeks!

Speech therapy is not just for kids. If you are an adult who sometimes stutters, has trouble saying certain sounds, or wants to change their accent, then consider booking a few sessions with a speech therapist. They can guide you down a path to clearer speech. Reach out to a speech therapy company like Speech Language and Hearing Associates to learn more.