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Benefits Of Using Smaller Bottles Of Hand Sanitizer

by Camila Davidson

The need for businesses and individuals to use hand sanitizer has never been greater. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that may always choose to opt for a single large container of hand sanitizer rather than smaller individual bottles. However, smaller bottles can offer some important benefits that can make them worth considering.

Minimize Waste

Minimizing the amount of hand sanitizer that you waste will be an important step in ensuring that you are avoiding wasting money. However, individuals may fail to appreciate the reality that a larger container of hand sanitizer can experience more waste than smaller bottles. This can be due to individuals using too much of the hand sanitizer as well as the solution being more prone to partially drying out. Smaller bottles of hand sanitizing solution will avoid these risks while still ensuring that this solution is readily available.

Easily Position Hand Sanitizer Where It Will Be Used

To encourage your household members, customers and employees to use the hand sanitizer, it will need to be position in convenient locations. When using larger containers of hand sanitizer this can be relatively difficult to do as you may not have many spaces that can accommodate these larger containers. Smaller bottles of hand sanitizing solution that can be positioned throughout the building can be a far more effective way of ensuring that hand sanitizer is conveniently available whenever individuals need to use it. For households, opting for smaller bottles that can be kept in purses, backpacks or other bags can be another way of ensuring that your household members can keep their hands clean and free of harmful germs.

Allows For More Efficient Storage

Improperly storing hand sanitizing solution can be a major mistake that can lead to it degrading to the point where it may no longer be effective. Ideally, the hand sanitizer should be stored in a cool location where it is away from direct sunlight. Finding locations that meet these needs can be somewhat harder when you are dealing with larger containers of hand sanitizer solution. However, smaller 72 pack 8 oz hand sanitizer bottles will be able to easily fit into cabinets, closets, shelving and other areas where it can be kept away from intense heat and sunlight. This can be extremely important when you are buying bulk packs of hand sanitizer as these may need to be stored for far longer. By minimizing degradation during storage, you can be sure to enjoy the full cost benefits of buying bulk amounts of sanitizing solution.