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The Benefits of Breast Pumps and Tips for Finding the Right One

by Camila Davidson

Globally, breast pumps have a $2.51 billion market at the moment. These tools are a lifesaver for new moms and make it easier for newborns to experience mother's milk. If you haven't tried a breast pump before, it's important that you understand the benefits, in addition to learning how to shop for one or even explore options for a free breast pump covered by insurance. Let the information below get you started down the right track. 

Why should you breastfeed as long as possible and how can a breast pump help?

Mother's milk is a potent, nutrient-dense cocktail that is packed with everything that your baby needs. In addition to proteins and healthy calories, your baby will also take in enzymes like elastase, chymotrypsin, and cathepsin D. You're starting your baby's life on the right note when you make sure that they are getting these nutrients several times a day. The benefit is that your baby will have a stronger immune system and get sick less. Several mothers also love breastfeeding because it allows them to bond with their baby.

With a breast pump, you add convenience and versatility that makes it easier to continuously breastfeed on your terms. You can pump while your baby is sleeping and fill up plenty of bottles that can be used by the father and any caretakers. This makes sure that your baby never has to go without nutrients, and makes everyone's lives easier in the process.

How can you find a quality breast pump?

A medium-sized pump will usually cost you between roughly $130 and $350, and you can rent hospital-grade pumps for upward of $65 each month. Check the breast pump market and find the specifications and features that are best for you. This means finding out how many motors the pump uses, what kind of electrical output it requires, how fast it pumps, and more. 

You will find that there are plenty of insurance companies that will pay 100% for your breast pump. Find out which models are covered under your medical insurance plan, and reach out to your insurer to begin processing a claim. Read through the details of your health insurance benefits to also find out if replacement pumps are covered in case of a malfunction. You could also call your insurance provider if you have other questions about getting a free breast pump.

Start here and begin checking out available breast pumps in your local area or online at other suppliers.