How Is Your Health?

What Can A Worksite Stretching Program Do For Your Business?

by Camila Davidson

Physical fitness is an important part of overall wellness. It's important for people to get enough exercise and healthy food in a day. However, simple wellness-boosting tasks like stretching are sometimes overlooked. Stretching is an easy and healthy way to keep muscles and joints flexible and limber. Implementing a stretching program at your business can benefit you and your employees in a myriad of ways. Here are four things that a worksite stretching program can do for your business: 

1. Help employees avoid preventable injuries.

Injuries that happen on the job are deleterious to employees and business owners alike. Some injuries are the result of accidents that could not have been avoided. However, many more injuries are preventable. Stretching before engaging in vigorous physical activity can help people avoid pulled muscles, injured joints, and other catastrophes. Implementing a worksite stretching program may help you reduce the number of injuries that your workers experience while on the job.

2. Encourage employees to pursue an active lifestyle. 

People who live active lifestyles are less likely to suffer from many health conditions. Regular exercise can help people keep their hearts and lungs healthy while also helping them maintain an ideal weight. Healthy employees are less likely to need sick leave, resulting in a more reliable workforce. Implementing a worksite stretching program is a small way that you can encourage employees to be more active. If workers realize that stretching makes them feel better physically, they may be more likely to work out in their free time as well.

3. Facilitate team camaraderie.

Cooperation is an important ingredient for a productive workplace. Employees who feel comfortable with one another are more likely to work together efficiently. Setting aside time for a daily worksite stretching program can give employees a chance to bond. Performing gentle exercises with their peers can encourage employees to see one another in a positive light. The bonds encouraged by group exercise can transform your workplace culture for the better. 

4. Increase employee alertness. 

Besides the physical benefits of stretching, a workplace stretching program can also offer many mental benefits for employees. Stretching can gently increase circulation throughout the body. As blood circulates through a person's system, their brain receives more oxygen. This can banish feelings of tiredness and increase overall alertness. Alert employees are more likely to be productive. They're also less likely to make mistakes that could result in injuries and revenue loss.

For more information on a workplace stretching program, contact a professional near you.