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5 Signs You Might Need Foot Orthotics Therapy

by Camila Davidson

Some of the most common mobility issues start in the feet, and such problems can appear at any age. Foot orthotics therapy, however, is often able to help people improve their conditions and achieve greater comfort and mobility. You should consider foot orthotics physical therapy if you see one or more of these five signs of trouble.

Difficulty Lifting Your Toes

When you stand or sit, you should have some ability to lift your toes. It may not be the easiest or most comfortable thing to do in some positions, but you should be able to make all five toes move up. Likewise, you should be able to hold them up for several seconds. If you are struggling to do this or just can't pull it off at all, there's a good chance physical therapy would benefit you.


Unsurprisingly, pain is also a common reason for pursuing foot orthotics therapy. The pain usually appears in the feet or toes, but some foot-related problems can cause pain in the legs, knees, hips, back, or even neck. Your body works as a structure, and a problem in the foundation of the feet can drive issues much further up. While you'll want to have a doctor check for other problems, foot orthotics therapy is often helpful once you've ruled out other possibilities.


At the opposite end of the scale, you might not feel anything. If your feet go numb without feeling returning quickly, you should address the situation immediately. It could be a sign of blood flow issues, but the problem could also arise if a nerve in the foot is pinched. Foot orthotics therapy can sometimes help people take pressure off the affected areas, potentially leading to reductions in numbness.

Shoes Have Uneven Tread Wear

Over time, a person's gait can get a bit funky. People often tolerate this, but they shouldn't because it can lead to issues through increased repetitive stress. Worse, it's often easy to ignore because the mind makes unconscious adjustments to cope. You might not notice physical issues until it's too late, but the problem can appear in your shoes much earlier. If you see the soles of your shoes exhibit uneven tread, it may be a sign of a bigger issue with one or both of your feet.

Fractures or Fissures

The stress from a foot problem may manifest as damage to bones. Fractures or fissures may appear in the bones of the foot, but they also can appear in the legs or back. If you're suffering recurring fractures, you might want to discuss the possibility of treatment with a therapist.

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