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Can Physical Therapy Help With Arthritis?

by Camila Davidson

Arthritis is an incredibly common condition that impacts the joints. In fact, there are many different types of arthritis, and you may be happy to learn that physical therapy and rehabilitative care can help treat them.

Are you curious about rehabilitation after an arthritis diagnosis? Here's what you need to know about how physical therapy treatment helps.

Arthritis Can Take Away Your Quality of Life

Your quality of life can become quickly diminished when you are not able to move as well as you used to. Arthritis can also grow significantly worse when you do not get the proper treatment.

One reason why so many people turn to physical therapy is that they would like to build strength and reduce pain. In rehabilitative programs, you will build back your mobility as well.

Physical Therapy Improves Your Range of Motion

When you see the range of motion of your joints significantly diminished due to arthritis, physical therapy helps to change this. You will notice that your function increases and that you are able to walk better. Whether your arthritis impacts your hips or your elbows most prominently, you will see improved movements.

Physical Therapy Builds Strength

When you have arthritis, you need to build more strength in your muscles to support your joints. As you build more strength, you will be able to improve mobility and function. Strength will also prevent future pain caused by poor posture and weak muscles.

Physical Therapy Is Customized for You

When you attend physical therapy sessions for arthritis, each session is personalized to fit your specific needs. Each session is all about you and meeting your needs, ensuring that you are on the track to recovery. Your visits may last about an hour, and you may come to physical therapy several times a week or even once a month.

Physical Therapy Helps You Learn to Use Helpful Tools

If you have arthritis, you may also need some help training to use adaptive tools. For example, you may benefit from using a cane, but you may find it difficult to walk with a cane at first, but physical therapy can help show you how to use it safely.

Physical Therapy Helps You Get Back to Your Life

When you choose physical therapy, you choose an effective and natural method for getting life back on track. Arthritis does not have to completely derail your life, especially because joint problems can strike at any moment.