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Do You Have A Skin Infection? 3 Signs

by Camila Davidson

Even a minor scratch can turn into something much larger if you don't take care of it properly. That minor scratch can get infected, and although you think the scratch may have healed, it could leave you with an infection either on the skin or just below it. If you have a skin infection, you may not know what it is at first glance. Read on for signs of a skin infection.

1. Redness And Swelling

If your skin is swollen and red, it could be because of a skin infection. If the swelling and redness persists or worsens after a few days, it could be a skin infection. This could be found anywhere on the body; it may have started from a cut or a wound, or it may have another cause. The area may feel warm or even hot to the touch.

2. Blisters Filled With Pus

You may also have a blister that is filled with pus on the area that is infected. This blister may pop on its own, or it may need to be popped to alleviate the pain and to heal the infection. If you have a blister that is getting larger or that is painful, you should get to your physician or to urgent care right away to have this done for you. Don't attempt to pop the blisters on your own, as you can cause the infection to worsen or to spread.

3. Fever

If your skin infection has worsened or moved to other parts of your body, you may develop a fever. If the infection is getting into the bloodstream and worsening to the point that you have a fever and just don't feel well, get to urgent care immediately for treatment. This could get severe if not treated by a physician.

These are just a few of the signs of a skin infection. You may also experience pain at the site or around the area of the site, you may also have red streaks that lead from the infected area towards the heart. If you have any of these signs, you should get to urgent care immediately for a checkup and for any treatment that may be necessary. You may need to have any blisters popped, the infected area may be tested to see what exactly you have going on, and medication may be either administered or prescribed. Get to urgent care if you suspect a skin infection.