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Medical Cannabis Can Help Treat Certain Skin Conditions

by Camila Davidson

Research has revealed that medical cannabis has all sorts of benefits, including those that involve skin health and appearance. However, while the benefits are plentiful, many have only been recently discovered. As a result, many people are not informed of these benefits. Whether you want the appearance of a more youthful glow or you suffer from a skin condition, such as psoriasis, learn how medical cannabis might be able to help. 

Aging Skin

One thing is for sure: each year, your skin will age. While following a healthy diet and remaining active can help minimize the effects of the aging process, it is bound to happen. Some research suggests that medical cannabis can help. Cannabis is believed to have a similar effect on the skin as Vitamin E. As a result, the application of cannabis topically could mean that your skin will appear more moisturized, softer, and have fewer fine lines, which can offer a more youthful appearance.  


One form of atopic dermatitis that is especially irritating is eczema. Individuals diagnosed with this skin condition often have severely dry, itchy, and uncomfortable skin that can cause great discomfort. Medical cannabis does not provide a cure for eczema. However, the application of cannabis can offer somewhat of a soothing effect. In addition to helping minimize some of the inflammation, cannabis application may also help reduce some of the itching that is caused by this condition.  

Acne Management

Acne is more than a skin irritant; acne can also have a very unattractive appearance. Acne can develop on the skin for various reasons, but one of the more common causes is excess bacteria on the skin. Cannabis is known to have some level of antibacterial qualities. In the case of acne caused by bacteria, the antibacterial quality of cannabis may help reduce some of the bacteria on the skin, reducing the occurrence of acne. 


Psoriasis is a skin condition that is triggered by a dysfunction within the immune system. Specifically, the immune system of those diagnosed prompts the body to kill skin cells at a rate faster than necessary, which leads to a build-up of dead skin. This build-up can lead to redness and irritation. Some research suggests that medical cannabis helps to limit the number of dead skin cells that build-up, but it does not cure the condition.

If you believe medical cannabis can benefit your skin health concerns, explore your options to obtain this treatment.