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  • Why You Should Consider Cell Therapy For Dealing With A Weakened Immune System

    16 April 2020

    If you have a weakened immune system, then you might be looking for ways that you can improve your health. You might not know much about cell therapy, but it is a treatment option that you might want to explore. In fact, it is a great option for many people who suffer from a weakened immune system for these reasons and more. You Can Enjoy Long-Term Effects Having a weakened immune system over the long-term can have serious impacts on your life and health.

  • Taking Online Classes to Fulfill AANA Continuing Education Requirements

    16 April 2020

    Medical professionals are required to have a certain number of continuing education credits to maintain their certifications and professional status. These continuing credits can be accomplished by in-class training, VILT (virtual instructor led training), or prerecorded lessons, presentations, and webinars. Nurse anesthetists have specific requirements, just like other medical professionals, for continuing education. Since almost 90% of all practicing nurse nesthetists are members of AANA, AANA members should make sure to take classes for continuing education credits through valid providers of AANA classes.