How Is Your Health?

  • Take A Different Approach: Why You Should Choose Telehealth Services

    16 June 2020

    If you don't use telehealth services, it's time to start. Telehealth services are a great way to get the medical care you need. Not sure what telehealth services are? They're a way for you to see your doctor without visiting their office. Telehealth providers conducted visits over the phone or through the computer. They offer you the same services you'd get by visiting your doctor's office. Telehealth services are especially beneficial for things like sinus infections and colds.

  • How Neck Pain Management Helps Office Workers With Bad Posture

    11 June 2020

    Office work may not seem like it would be hard on the body, but people who don't pay attention to elements, such as their posture, put unnecessary strain on their neck, shoulders, and back. As a result, it is important to understand how neck pain management can help here.  How Poor Posture Can Impact Shoulder and Neck Pain People who work at offices may not notice that they sit with bad posture most of the day.

  • It's Time For The Talk: Why You Should Discuss Medical Cannabis With Your Aging Parents

    10 June 2020

    If you have aging parents, it's time to talk to them about medical cannabis. Your parents might not realize that medical cannabis is available to them. Medical cannabis can help your parents. That's because it provides relief from many ailments associated with old age. Here are five of the reasons you should talk to your parents about medical cannabis use.  It's Less Expensive If your parents are taking a variety of medications, they may worry about the cost.

  • Tips For Wearing A Waist Trainer

    9 June 2020

    Wearing a waist trainer can help you develop stronger abdominal muscles and a more trim waist. However, there is a bit of a learning curve when you first start using a waist trainer. Here are a few tips to help you adapt and ensure you're using the instrument properly. Buy a trainer that does not roll over your waist. Make sure you try your waist trainer on before buying. You want one that does not roll over at the waist when it is fully fastened.

  • Understanding A Few Different Types Of Physical Therapists

    5 June 2020

    If you have recently had an injury or illness and require physical therapy, then you should know that there are a few different types of professionals that you can see. And, the type of professional will depend on the injury that you have sustained. Keep reading to learn about a few of the more common types of professionals. Orthopedic The term orthopedic refers to the muscles and joints in the body that allow for movement.

  • Easing Chemotherapy Adverse Reactions

    1 June 2020

    If you were diagnosed with breast cancer, then your oncologist will determine the best breast cancer treatment services based upon the stage and type of your tumor. Treatment options for breast cancer may include surgical intervention, radiation therapy, hormonal treatment, and chemotherapy. While chemotherapy can help reduce your risk for recurrence, it can cause significant adverse reactions. Here are some things that may help ease the adverse reactions from chemotherapy. 

  • What To Expect At Your First Prenatal OB Appointment

    29 May 2020

    Your first obstetric appointment is an important milestone in your pregnancy. By this point, you are generally quite confident you are pregnant. However, you may not know much about pregnancy or what is to come. Knowing what to expect at this first ob appointment will help you feel more comfortable. Here's a look at what will happen. Pregnancy Test You've probably taken a home pregnancy test or two, and that's why you're at this appointment in the first place.